Sometimes, your original builder can’t finish the job. Or they didn’t do the job right. Sudden surprises can make it tough to achieve the Australian dream you’ve been working towards.

That’s where we come in.

With years of expertise in home building, Cecure are the experts who help when things go off track. We will take over and complete your new build or renovation if your original builder has become insolvent or declared bankruptcy, or if they have died or disappeared.

When you select Cecure, you are working with experts in their field. We have successfully helped hundreds of homeowners effected by the liquidation of their previous builder, including:

  • Porter Davis
  • Snowdon Homes
  • Bentley Homes
  • Hallbury Homes
  • Previum Homes
  • Red Bluff Homes
  • Como Homes
  • Dome
  • Chatham
  • Rawdon Hill
  • Pivot

You’re in safe hands with Cecure. We will also repair any defects which occur within the building warranty period.

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From dream delayed to dream delivered.

Our team understands this is likely to be a stressful and difficult time for you. That’s why we pride ourselves on our ability to get the job done right.

The Cecure team will help you regardless of your project requirements or status. We will work with you to meet all the legal requirements. We’ll help you get into your new home sooner. And because we’re part of the established Mazzei Group, we won’t disappear when things get tough.